Best of Vietnamese for Your Choices Now

The Vietnamese language, from the branch of Austro-Asiatic languages ​​(like Khmer or Cambodian), is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, with nearly 85 million speakers, but mainly concentrated in Vietnam, of which it is the language maternal and official services for a majority of the population, including minority ethnic groups. Abroad, it is spoken by the Vietnamese diaspora in the United States, Australia and France mainly.

Compared to the languages ​​of the Far East, Vietnamese is the only language in Southeast Asia, which is written with a diacritic Latin alphabet, but with 29 letters including 12 vowels, any visitor can therefore pronounce the words. With the go tiengviet online you can have the best translation options now.

Austro-Asian languages

You can train at home, but you will see that you will have to be there to understand the tonal subtleties of this language comparable to “the song of birds”, as Alexandre de Rhodes said, a French Jesuit missionary who partly Romanized the Vietnamese language in the 17th century to form the chá “¯ quá” ‘c ngá “¯ ” writing of the national language “. It is because until the 19th century, the language was written in Chinese characters.

On the spot, the Vietnamese will help you in a compassionate way to pronounce a few words with the right accents, they will laugh but always in sympathy, good moments of linguistic exchange in perspective. Otherwise, some elderly people will be able to speak French, otherwise English has become generalized among the younger generations.

You can always take Vietnamese language courses, during a trip to Vietnam, or in France through Franco-Vietnamese associations and training places. Learning will however be reserved for the most motivated and all those who wish to live in Vietnam.

Politeness and most common words

We advise you to learn the main polite words, because it is always more sympathetic and respectable to say hello in the language of the country visited. The locals will appreciate your effort to speak their language and a dialogue can be established.


The language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. Spoken by the whole population, except for certain ethnic communities which still use their own dialects, it is however a little different (accent and vocabulary) depending on the region where you are. Derived from Chinese, it was previously written in ideograms. But in the 16th century, the Jesuit priest Alexander of Rhodes, with the aim of spreading Catholicism in Vietnam, transcribed the language phonetically. This is why today Vietnamese is romanized and therefore uses the letters we know. But beware, this does not mean that they are pronounced the same way. In addition, Vietnamese is a singing language with many tones, and the sounds are very different from what we can emit.…

Diabetes and Coping Up With it While On Travel

To cope with this change in routine, stay tuned to your body and check your blood sugar more often than at home. Take snacks like dried fruit, nuts and crackers with you and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Glucose tablets quickly resolve any hypoglycemic reaction (low blood sugar).

Finally, when you are moving, move around and take frequent breaks to recharge your batteries. Get out of the car, walk around the terminal before getting on the plane, and walk down the aisle to stretch your legs during the flight.

Diabetes shouldn’t stop you from living a normal life and exploring the world as much as you want. With a little research and planning, you can have a memorable trip. Surely you will have to carry the insulin travel case with you.

And when you have diabetes.

In addition to the basic kit, all of its diabetes monitoring, injection or treatment equipment, namely:

  • Oral and injectable treatment
  • Glycemic self-monitoring equipment
  • Batteries and charger for pump / reader
  • Blood sugar log
  • In case of insulin treatment, think of the insulated kit to keep it.

Never far from my bag: my important papers

It is important to keep the instructions, his medical certificate, a prescription stipulating the list of equipment transported and authorizing the transport of insulin, a rescue prescription, a document mentioning his medical history, a diabetic card and, if applicable if applicable, a pump carrier card.

I increase my blood sugar measurements

Once you arrive at your vacation spot, your blood sugar level is measured more frequently than usual, to avoid the hypoglycaemia and hyperglycemia that could result from all these changes.In the other baggage, we will put the rest of the insulin (allow for more days than the duration of the stay), and supplies in number (lancets, syringes, strips, catheters, spare batteries, etc.).Medicines and insulin can take place in an insulated bag if the outside temperature exceeds 30 degrees.

The choice of destination and travel itinerary must take into account the realities of the diabetic person. Regularity of meal times and accessibility to prompt medical care are examples of things to consider. Talk to your travel agent before booking your vacation, they can help. Be there with the diabetic travel case now.

It is advisable to meet your doctor at least one month before your departure for a routine examination. Discuss with him your itinerary, meal times, your medication, the adjustment of your medication according to the time differences and your need for vaccination. Also, if you plan to carry syringes and needles, most airports and airlines require a signed letter from your doctor.…

Pokemon Go and the Smart Playing Option

The developer of Pokemon GO, Satoshi Tajiri, is very popular. He was famous for his television shows and card games. The game ‘Game Boy’ developed by him was very popular in the past. The parents of today’s millennium probably played this game. So people already knew it and expected the game to be good.


One of the best features of Pokemon GO is that you can customize all of its 151 characters. You can also exchange them with your friends. These concepts are sort of new and people liked it.

The timing

Pokemon GO was put on the market in the summer, so people could easily go out in search of Pokemon. They withdrew and walked to catch Pokemon. The schools were closed, so the children had more time to play. For that you will have the Pokemon go hack.

Augmented reality

The ability to see characters on the computer or smartphone in the real world is impressive. People have never had this augmented reality experience before. In this game, they saw the fantasy of meeting reality and it was very exciting.

Accessible to everyone

Many games today require special consoles. Some games are too complicated for young people. But Pokemon GO is a very simple game and anyone can play it simply using their mobile devices.


When you play video games and cross a level or beat your opponent, you are struck by an endorphin surge. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. With Pokemon GO, you feel it every time you catch a Pokemon. The endorphin hit is more with Pokemon because you have to walk to chase Pokemon; that is, you need to be physically active.

History and stories

The story of Pokemon GO is very exciting. In the story, you are responsible for unfolding it. You control the characters. The difference between reality and the digital experience is blurring. You start to live through the game. The game provides immersive stories.

Last Words

Pokemon GO is different from many other games that have been released. The unique story, gameplay and augmented reality have made this game so popular. The game was aimed at people of all ages and therefore more people played the game. You will be surprised to know that the number of Pokemon GO users was higher than that of Twitter users. We haven’t seen such a popular game in a long time. …

Understanding Options for the Maintenance of Labradoodle Dog

Of course, everything depends on the dog in question, the character of his parents, the education he received and his first experiences of socialization. Here are the busy streets, dog parks and visits to Granny.

They are wonderful therapy dogs

Thanks to its warm, affectionate and devoted personality, the Labradoodle is a therapy dog ​​ideal for people with autism or with motor disabilities, or people suffering from depression or other disorders.Labradoodles also make excellent guide dogs for the blind, the function for which they were originally created.

Labradoodles are born swimmers

Going for a dip on a hot summer day is even more enjoyable when you can do it with your dog. The Labradoodle Dog loves nothing as much as wading, paddling and diving, and they will accompany you in your bathing until the end of the beautiful days.

They are fantastic companions for families

Labradoodles easily become full family members. They are especially wonderful with children: affectionate, caring and yet full of energy. In the category of pets best suited to families, the Labradoodle is exactly at the same level as the Labrador Retriever.

However, quality education and good supervision are essential. Labradoodles can be a good size, and an overly excited dog could jostle a toddler by accident.As with any other breed of dog, teach your children how to approach and touch dogs, and be sure to keep an eye on them when they are together. Young children, especially, sometimes tend to pull the ears or the tail of dogs, which can upset them. Even a dog as friendly as the Labradoodle could react abruptly to such treatment, or if food or toys were taken away without warning.

Have we already mentioned how affectionate they are?

The Labradoodles do everything they can to please their favorite humans. The instinct that drives them to please people will accompany you until their old age.

Obtain a puppy or adult Labradoodle

It is very important to turn to a responsible and certified breeder, especially when it comes to Labradoodles. Indeed, this breed is so popular that some unscrupulous people breed it in questionable conditions, causing unwanted or unpredictable behavior in dogs obtained as well. Similarly, avoid pet stores or online sales whose sources are unverifiable. And don’t forget there are many other extraordinary dogs who expect nothing but a family to love in shelters and SPAs.…