Gardening Solutions for Your Choices

As soon as the sun comes up, the garden becomes an extraordinary place for children. Before putting your hands in the ground, here are some tips for children to make them into real little budding gardeners.

Create your first vegetable patch

Start by choosing clothes that are not too fragile and that you can dirty, or put a nice apron on your clothes: this will become your outfit for gardening.

Then, if you are lucky enough to have a small garden, prepare the soil: choose a small well-defined space, from which you will remove all the stones and weeds. Otherwise, there are pretty small vegetable gardens on feet to have on the balcony and even tubs and planters for the apartments. Then prepare the seeds and bulbs. You have to think carefully about the species that you want to grow and at their disposal: for that, you can make a plan of the garden and assign a place to each species of vegetables, fruits or flowers. From gardening 24 you can find the best choices now.

The tools of the little gardener

A good gardener must be well equipped, so you need to provide real tools, adapted to your size. 

  • The spade: it is used to turn the earth or dig.
  • The wheelbarrow: it allows the transport of heavy things like bags of soil or pots.
  • The shovel: it allows digging and transporting materials.
  • The rake: it is used to collect the grass or to level the ground.
  • The pruner: it allows you to easily cut stems and small branches.
  • The watering can: it is used to regularly water the plants.

In the garden, you will surely meet earthworms, slugs or snails which you will have to pay attention to! Pollinators, predators or recyclers all of these animals will help you keep a healthy garden. When your sowing and planting are done, don’t forget to water regularly, but in small quantities.

Then a little patience: the plants can grow slowly. But one day, what pride to see your first flowers or radishes appears. From that moment on, you will enjoy yourself: with your eyes to admire your plantations or with your mouth to taste. Take your time and enjoy this moment.

The gardener’s tips

Slugs and other pests: to keep them away from plantations, dispose of wood shavings, sawdust or sand which will block them.

  • The worm: it tills the soil and helps plants to drink.
  • The primrose: Flower with easy maintenance, it is placed as well in the sun as in the shade.
  • Radishes: Too hot? Cut them into rings and dip them in salt water.
  • Strawberries: Plant them in the sun and water them regularly.

Pallets have a thousand uses, fans will tell you. No need to be a specialist to make a few wooden pallet accessories for the garden. Here are some more or less sophisticated ideas to get started.

Pallets in the vegetable patch

To start, let’s go to the vegetable patch, to bring some new things to the rows of vegetables:

Recovery pallets The simplest first is to dismantle pallets and use the boards as borders , to separate the plants, either in classic lines, or by delimiting geometric spaces (squares, polygons, triangles), an aesthetic, original and very practical solution for crop rotation. …