Find the perfect Solutions for Xbox 360 and More Gaming

Xbox 360 broke into the world back in 2005. If in the mid-2000s you were a gamer and you did not have a PlayStation 3, then most likely you had an Xbox 360. Almost perfect Microsoft actions at that time attracted a huge number of developers, and in the process many series lost their exclusivity for the PlayStation. We decided to look back and created a selection of the best games of all time for the Xbox 360.

A huge number of games have been released on the Xbox 360, so it’s impossible to please everyone. So do not be discouraged if you do not find your favorite game on our list. For the LoL Smurfs accounts this is the best deal.

Alan Wake

The game from the studio Remedy Entertainment, which gave us Max Payne, is king-like scary. This is the story of a writer who went to the sleepy town of Bright Falls for inspiration, and found only nightmares there. To cope with them, he will have to enlist the support of the few residents of his right mind, a powerful flashlight and a faithful shotgun. You will definitely not forget this adventure soon.

Dead Space

In Dead Space, the player ends up on a ship captured by creepy monsters known as the Necromorphs. A team of engineers sets out to repair the USG Ishimura, a disaster miner ship. The player becomes Isaac Clarke, one of the engineers at CEC, a commercial organization engaged in deep space exploration and mining. The game was conceived as a psychological horror shooter and perfectly achieved this goal. This is one of those games where you know that if it became too quiet, then something terrible will happen. Moreover, monsters often suddenly jump out of ventilation and scare to death. The game received rave reviews from critics for the plot, beautiful level design and incredible atmosphere.


The Xbox Live Arcade service appeared on the first Xbox, but it was with the release of the Xbox 360 that it reached its peak when independent developers really began to enter the market with their games. Thanks to this service, a number of wonderful games were released. The game was praised for interesting puzzles , simple controls and frightening death scenes.

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 gives the player the opportunity to explore the open tropical world with dynamic skirmishes and RPG elements such as skill trees and crafting systems. The story tells of the abduction of the protagonist, Jason Brody, a group of pirates led by one of the main villains , Vaas. The game received many good reviews for long and interesting story missions, an impressive shooting model and a huge open world available for player to explore.