Finer Balances for the Best Boosting Deals Now

Your computer is faster, but dumber. He will never break through the “dull” defense, because its organization directly depends on the type of your race. There are eight of the most “impenetrable” types of defense. For simplicity, we have grouped them according to the races for which you play. For valorant boosting this is important now.


Military screening against their own kind

Defense line: Siege Tanks, in the siege-bunker mode (each one contains a “gentleman’s set”) consisting of one ghost (Ghost), two paratroopers (Marines) and a flamethrower (Fiarebat), air defense turrets and in the air, patrolling science vessels (Science Vessel).

Zerg Battle Barrier

Defense line: siege tanks and bunkers with two paratroopers and two ghosts are air defense turrets. In the air are the ships of science and (to destroy the guards) ghosts (Wraith).

Protoss Battle Shield

Defense line: siege tanks and bunkers with two paratroopers and two flamethrowers are the air defense turrets. There are few turrets, but there are as many bunkers as possible. Death to enemy vehicles (Carrier) and especially to their interceptors (Interceptor).

Against their kind

Buried grains (Zergling) a little away from the base and a live perimeter of Hydralisk and a couple of ultralisk (Ultralisk) in the rear. Plus, a permanent patrol from overlords (Overlord) are used to closed “scouts” and back to the spawning ground (Hatchery).

Against earthlings

The same scouts, a living perimeter of ultralisks and hydralisks in the rear. Overlord patrol with triple intensity and over the “perimeter” is a few more non-patrolling.

Against protos

Keep all overlords close to the base. All troops capable of entrenchment, order to bury! NO air force. NO air upgrades. And very, very many upgrade hydralisks.


A moving observer (Observer) is always noticeable to the experienced eye of the opponent is the person (computer – sneeze). Therefore, it will be right to constantly contain several is all over the map, and a lot are near the base, Dangling, that is, NOT patrolling, observers.

Against their kind

Povovna, Zealot and spiders (Dragoon), and more Archon (Archon), all this can and should be covered by punishers (Arbiter) and vehicles.

Against Earthlings and Zerg

A few observers, plus a punisher, and in front of him under invisibility are a few charged worms (Reaver) or, even better, transports. Behind the rear: the darkness of the Zealots. There is another universal defense rule: attack is the best way of defense. For the enemy, on whose territory mobile guerrilla units operate, will never collect the invading army.