How You Can Choose the Best Examination Gloves

In the medical environment, hygiene must be impeccable. However, the transmission of microbes and bacteria is much higher in these environments. This is why it is essential to equip oneself effectively in order to be protected. Exam gloves are the most useful protective items for doctors, but there are a wide variety of gloves for specific uses.

What is a medical and surgical glove for?

Medical gloves are disposable devices intended to protect you during treatment procedures. They are part of the essential medical equipment. They were created to help staff maintain the good hygiene necessary for their working environment. They can be found in medical offices, analysis laboratories, hospitals, retirement homes, and even in first aid kits.

This device is used to protect the hands from external viruses. It reduces the risk of contamination by blood or other liquids, but also the transmission of germs from staff to patient and from one patient to another. It is recommended in the event of infectious, chemical and physical risks. They must be changed between 2 patients in order not to spread bacteria and its use must comply with the indications in the “standard” and “contact” precautions. You can buy examination gloves online with the perfect price now.

Matter of Importance

It is important to use this means of protection in all medical procedures. The effectiveness of surgical gloves has been proven by several clinical studies. Disposable gloves do not provide 100% protection, so it is important to check that they are not defective before each use. Wearing a glove does not exclude hand washing, which is undoubtedly the best hygiene prevention.

There is a wide variety of ambidextrous protective gloves for each use. For example, for daily care and surgical care, the choice of glove does not remain the same because of the different characteristics. You have to choose your type of glove taking into account certain criteria of safety, comfort and protection.

Which disposable gloves for which use?

The choice of care glove should not be taken lightly. In fact, you must use gloves suitable for the medical procedure, but also choose the right size so that it is neither too wide nor too tight so as not to puncture it. You must consider a few selection criteria, such as resistance, comfort, risk of allergy or its use.

Powdered or powder-free medical gloves?

A powdered glove (with corn starch) makes it easier to put on, in fact, the powder inside will cause better sliding between the skin and the glove. It also helps to limit the perspiration of the hands in order to keep them longer. In addition, they are more economical to purchase.

On the other hand, powder -free gloves were first produced for people who are allergic to the powder. They are just as easy to put on and provide a feeling of comfort during treatment procedures like Abena powder-free nitrile gloves, which ensure safety, comfort and dignity.


The gloves are selected according to strict quality and you can find them in several sizes from X-Small to X-Large. In general, powder-free gloves are the most recommended for the prevention of all allergic reactions.