HR Options for Your Smart Solutions Now for Small Business

First of all, it should be noted that human resources management, in all its dimensions, must be distinguished from management of which HR is a component, even if it is an essential component. HR is thus a strategic function, but a strategic function among others. It is a component of public service management but it also makes a decisive contribution to it, especially if one is in a strategy of change and adaptation of the administration.

The management should therefore not be confused, just as GRH and management should not be pitted against each other. With the small business hr this is one very important matter now.

Specificities and advantages of personnel management in administration

A characteristic of human resource management in administration is that it must be firmly based on the strengths of the public sector, and there are many.

The regular comparison of the public and private sectors to which different press publications are used to tend tends, more often than not, to shed light on the specifics of one compared to the other. However, the specificities of the two sectors deserve to be nuanced and the opposition is undoubtedly not as radical as it may seem.

  • To force the line, it could be tempting to assert, on the contrary, that in certain respects there is a form of continuum, in matters of HR, between the public and private sectors. In all cases, in fact, HR is done under constraint, the general status of the public service not necessarily and a priori always more “binding” for those responsible for human resources management than can be certain collective agreements, “quasi-statutory”. In one or the other case, moreover, many provisions leave room for action to managers; it is up to them to mobilize them (opinion of joint organizations, rating, in the case of the public sector).

Thus the difficulties specific to the public sector should not be exaggerated. On the other hand, its assets deserve to be further clarified and valued, in a strategy for implementing human resources management.In administration, several elements help to characterize more specifically HR.

The sense of public personnel service

The first of these elements is the sense of public service, attachment to public service, which, widely shared by agents, appears to be an essential element of motivation.

The mission of HR, in administration is then to be part of a “public service” approach aimed at improving public service based on the “HR variable” but also, symmetrically, aiming to place public service at the center of HR policy. This presupposes, in particular, providing responses to the needs expressed by the operational services in terms of activity profiles and therefore of skills sought (recruitment), in terms of monitoring of needs (forward management of staff and skills). In addition, in the public service, the usefulness of HR is also in the “service” rendered to agents (optimizing the career development, solving the problems they encounter, improving the satisfaction of professional expectations …): one of the objectives of a public human resources management policy is to offer each civil servant a career opportunity throughout their professional life.