Pokemon Go and the Smart Playing Option

The developer of Pokemon GO, Satoshi Tajiri, is very popular. He was famous for his television shows and card games. The game ‘Game Boy’ developed by him was very popular in the past. The parents of today’s millennium probably played this game. So people already knew it and expected the game to be good.


One of the best features of Pokemon GO is that you can customize all of its 151 characters. You can also exchange them with your friends. These concepts are sort of new and people liked it.

The timing

Pokemon GO was put on the market in the summer, so people could easily go out in search of Pokemon. They withdrew and walked to catch Pokemon. The schools were closed, so the children had more time to play. For that you will have the Pokemon go hack.

Augmented reality

The ability to see characters on the computer or smartphone in the real world is impressive. People have never had this augmented reality experience before. In this game, they saw the fantasy of meeting reality and it was very exciting.

Accessible to everyone

Many games today require special consoles. Some games are too complicated for young people. But Pokemon GO is a very simple game and anyone can play it simply using their mobile devices.


When you play video games and cross a level or beat your opponent, you are struck by an endorphin surge. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. With Pokemon GO, you feel it every time you catch a Pokemon. The endorphin hit is more with Pokemon because you have to walk to chase Pokemon; that is, you need to be physically active.

History and stories

The story of Pokemon GO is very exciting. In the story, you are responsible for unfolding it. You control the characters. The difference between reality and the digital experience is blurring. You start to live through the game. The game provides immersive stories.

Last Words

Pokemon GO is different from many other games that have been released. The unique story, gameplay and augmented reality have made this game so popular. The game was aimed at people of all ages and therefore more people played the game. You will be surprised to know that the number of Pokemon GO users was higher than that of Twitter users. We haven’t seen such a popular game in a long time.