Readymade Meals or More during Confinement?

During confinement what we eat happens
to be the fuel of our body. It is important to be aware of this and to take
care to balance and vary our diet.Very often, for lack of time we go to the
rush, we take ready meals saying, I do not have time to cook. When this reflex
is occasional it has no impact, but if it is habitual one cannot know what one
is eating. Indeed industrial or catered dishes always contain preservatives,
often flavor enhancers, sometimes colorings, so a lot of additives. In addition
to make them more appetizing, salt and sugar are added.

Cooking, art, pleasure, sharing

The advantage of cooking meals
lies mainly in knowing what you put in the dish, the ingredients used, their
provenance, quantity and quality, the fat, salt or sugar added.

Beyond this advantage, making good meals for people you love can become a real pleasure, it is also an opportunity to share with your family an activity. Children very much like helping “the grown-ups” to cook. Then you will also have your confinement meal available. Therefore, you can also have some side dish as well.

Cooking during confinement, interests:

Eat a varied and balanced diet. Having
time, not being rushed can raise awareness of the importance of food for one’s
health. This can become a motivation to change some habits.

Use your imagination, it is quite
possible to eat something other than pasta or rice, this is an opportunity to
taste vegetables. Simple foods such as eggs, yogurt, cheese can be part of a
varied and balanced diet.

A pleasant and rewarding activity

If you are just starting out,
maybe you will find out, especially if you are doing pretty well. The
satisfaction of home made, to please, to feast on, this is gratifying.

Eating well makes it easier to
defend yourself. The quality of food intake plays an important role on the
immune state (body’s defenses). A varied diet provides the nutrients necessary
for the body to strengthen its immunity. This can be interesting in a pandemic

You can eat in better conditions
favoring tasting and digestion. Since you have the time, do not eat on the go
but at the table by taking the time to chew your food well. Make the meal a convivial
moment of exchange and discussion. Everyone is giving their opinion on the
dishes, their preferences or their desires.

You can adapt your meals to your needs

  • Try to balance energy intake against your
    expenditure. If you do not move much and have little activity at home, reduce
    the portions and choose lower calorie foods , but do not skip meals.