The importance of online reviews for small businesses

A bad review can
easily damage the reputation of a small business. Conversely, positive reviews
can do wonders to help grow your business.

The opinions
left by consumers following a consumption experience have started to spread on
the internet for a few years already. More and more sites are providing their
customers with online spaces dedicated to comments or include sections
dedicated to collecting customer reviews via notes.

The objective
being to gather the opinion of the customers in order to be able to interact
with them thereafter, to use their opinions to improve their strategy or simply
to give the impression to consumers of being able to communicate with them.

Today some sites
have made it their specialty or Comparators. Whether for cultural products
companies, restaurants, travel, it is now available to have access to the
consumption experiences of dozens of different consumers in one click. You need
to have the reviews

What attracts these reviews are their ease of access
and their free availability in real time:

What was at the
beginning only a note or a sentence supposed to re-transcribe the buying
experience or the emotions linked to the consumption of a product quickly
became an essential factor in the act of buying.

Impacts on French consumers and on businesses

Having almost
unlimited access to all kinds of opinions of all kinds, consumers no longer
hesitate to refer to them, whether positively or negatively.

As we can read
opposite 49% of people consult the ratings given by other Internet users to get
an idea about a product

Influence opinion consumer ecommerce image example

The French seek
to share their buying experiences, both to help potential buyers in their
purchasing decision but also to stimulate their own ego. By explaining their resentments,
they consider themselves as ambassadors for a product or a brand or, on the
contrary, expose the weaknesses of a service or a company.

Consumers in
constant search of additional information then turn to these opinions which
will either stimulate their act of purchase. The consumer hesitating between
two products that he considers identical both in quality and in price can then
be influenced by opinions which will push him towards one product rather than

Or slow down the
act of purchase. The potential buyer facing an avalanche of bad comments or
simply a single bad opinion is likely to apprehend his act of purchase and will
then turn to another product or another brand including better quality reviews.

Last Words

Below, the
weight of negative opinions and its consequences on the act of purchasing
consumers. In a third of cases these notices will be fatal for the company and
will miss a sale. As for the other two thirds, their time for reflection can
lead them to turn to other companies or other products.